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Aerodrom Banja Luka 36, Banja Luka
Rent a car Banja Luka | Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

  • Minimum age 21 years.
  • At least 2 years driving license.
  • Mandatory ID card - identity card or passport.
  • The minimum rental period is 1 day. (24 hours)
  • The time for the return and return of vehicles must be the same. We tolerate 60 minutes delay.
  • After 60 minutes, Rent a car Deltatop reserves the right to charge another rental day.

Download and return vehicles 

The vehicle can be picked up and returned to one of our sales outlets, and it is possible to deliver or return the office outside the office (hotel, address, etc.). 
You can also pick up the vehicle outside working hours and return.


The customer is required to pay a deposit of € 200 to € 500 depending on the vehicle class. If it is determined that the vehicle has new damage at the time of return, the deposit will be retained at the same amount that the customer is liable for damages under the rental agreement.

Payment Methods 

The car rental is paid when you take the vehicle by cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex) or a payment to the account (legal entities).

Traffic Fines 

The customer is obliged to pay all traffic / parking penalties incurred during the rental period.

Roadside Assistance 

If you decide to rent one of our fleet vehicles, you will be looked after around the clock throughout Europe.

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